Working Groups

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Chaired by David Short, previously at GE Capital Real Estate, the Working Group provides a forum to share and develop best-practise around sustainability considerations for commercial real estate lending. Traditionally we focus on our Member’s equity investments. However, many members also hold funds for commercial real estate lending and was thus an area of natural progression for us to consider. Specific area of focus include how legislation and market forces impact on new lending decisions and considerations for existing loan books; stakeholder reporting of sustainability information and the role of lenders in driving the sustainability agenda. 

Investor Engagement

Chaired by Dan Grandage at Aberdeen Asset Management, this Working group provides a forum to support our members’ engagement with commercial real estate investors. The focus will be to ensure that investors are aware of the relevance and significance of the real estate sector when addressing ESG issues, to ensure that investors are receiving appropriate information concerning the ESG performance of their assets (this includes an ongoing watching brief on investor benchmarks) and that investors are integrating ESG issues into their investment decision-making processes.

Operations & Technology

Chaired by Neil Pennell at Land Securities, the Working Group provides a forum to share and learn best-practice around technologies and operational practices and services which result in improving the environmental performance of commercial buildings. A specific focus will be highlighting practical, replicable, effective solutions and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the BBP membership.

Occupier Engagement

This Working Group provides a forum to share ideas and discuss options of how owners can engage proactively and collaborate with occupiers of commercial property. Focusses of the Working Group include green leasing, behaviour change and the development of a Sustainability Fit-out Toolkit.

Property Management

Chaired by Debbie Hobbs at Legal & General Investment Management, the Working Group provides a forum to share information on how owners can best utilise their managing agents to deliver their sustainability strategy within the buildings they manage. This will help to ensure that managing agents receive, as far as practicable, 'standard' instructions and service requirements from owners in turn helping to standardise the approach taken by Managing Agents. The Working Group also acts as an engagement platform with the BBP’s Managing Agents Forum.

Heritage Buildings

Chaired by Victoria Herring at Grosvenor, the Working Group provides a forum to share and learn best- practice around opportunities for improving, through management, alteration and refurbishment, the sustainability of heritage buildings. A key theme is to promote the positives of what can be achieved with heritage buildings when traditionally, sustainability and heritage have not been viewed as complimentary.

Sustainability Benchmarking

Chaired by Quinten Babcock at Transport for London, the Working Group provides a forum to support our understanding of how to benchmark and compare performance of commercial property as well as review and comment on the efficacy of industry benchmarks. The Working group is responsible for:

  • The delivery and evolution of the Real Estate Environmental Benchmark.
  • Our Landlord Energy Rating Project
  • Developing a standard approach to target setting for commercial property portfolios

Market Transformation

Chaired by Sarah Ratcliffe at BBP, the Working Group provides a forum to improve our members’ understanding of how high level sustainability concepts which could lead to market transformation can be adopted in the real estate sector as well as share knowledge of how such concepts are being implemented in practice by our members. Topics include Integrated Reporting, Impact Investing and the Circular Economy.