Cording Real Estate Group

Cording Real Estate Group sets itself apart by being vertically integrated between investment, asset and property management providing services collectively or independently at each level. We are independently owned with some €.27bn commercial assets under management by 100 staff in UK, Germany and Benelux.

We believe our responsibility goes far beyond traditional narrow goals centered on energy, water and waste. We also consider the influence of real estate in the wider context and think about the built environment, the impact property has on the community and how our business can drive positive social change. In 2015 we have embarked on a Group wide drive for better understanding, reach and measurement of the work we do, combining our multi-jurisdictional knowledge to best effect.

"The BBP is the leading organisation for sustainability in property and investment management. Our own Environmental and Management Policies incorporate the BPP’s principles and practice guides and we are proud to be active partners, sharing knowledge and experiences." Peter Dove, Chief Executive Officer, Cording Real Estate Group