Property Management

Property Agents sit at the heart of activity within the property industry. Transactional Agents act as the brokers who match supply of space with potential occupiers and owners looking to buy or sell property. Then Managing Agents who are responsible for the ongoing operations of a building once an occupier is in situ. Both have a critical role in the industry, through the incorporation of sustainability issues into the transaction process and the delivery of sustainability performance ‘on the ground’ their actions could be truly transformational.

The agency community has been slow to respond to this opportunity, but commercial property owners have begun to challenge them to incorporate sustainability within their service offer and to help them to deliver on their sustainability commitments. This will become increasingly important as more and more clients appreciate the growing risk to their businesses if they fail to consider this key aspect of property investment.

Our Work

An increasing number of our members actively seek evidence that the agents they use have a strong understanding of sustainability and the associated risks and opportunities.

We have produced our Transactional Agents Sustainability Toolkit which provides agents with concise, clear information on the pros and cons of a comprehensive range of sustainability features within commercial buildings.

We have produced our Managing Agents Sustainability Toolkit which provides a comprehensive reference guide on all aspects of sustainable building management to support managing agents in improving the environmental performance of the buildings they manage.

We have also worked with leading Property Agents to establish a Managing Agents Partnership. This collaboration of managing agents provides them with a platform to support each other by sharing practical information, improving understanding of common challenges and discussing how best to deliver their clients’ sustainability requirements.