Demonstrate Leadership

We are dedicated to demonstrating sustainability leadership in the real estate sector through our member commitments and industry collaboration.

Member Commitments

To support our aim of enabling market transformation we use the collective weight of our members to demonstrate leadership, promote innovation and drive change within the industry. As part of this we ask all our members to sign the following Member Commitments.

Our commitment to the BBP -  as part of the membership, we will:

  • Pro-actively support and promote the BBP and its objectives.
  • Attend and contribute to chosen Working Group meetings and actively participate in the delivery of Working Group objectives.
  • Adopt the solutions developed by the BBP as best practice and implement them where feasible across our portfolio(s). Specifically, this includes:
  1. Submitting, where appropriate, our managed UK portfolios to the annual Real Estate Environment Benchmark.
  2. Incorporating the BBP Toolkits into engagement with our investors, occupiers, contractors and property managers.
  • Exchange knowledge and experience with the BBP membership and wider property industry by providing case studies, industry insights and blogs that can be shared via the BBP website.

Our commitment to sustainability - as leaders of the industry, we will:

  • Annually monitor, report and set targets in relation to the sustainability performance of our commercial property portfolio using standardised industry metrics wherever possible. 
  • Support research and innovation into new technologies that could improve the operation and performance of existing buildings.
  • Provide our investors and borrowers with regular updates on the sustainability issues that could have a material impact upon investment performance.
  • Engage with our occupiers so that we can work with them to achieve mutually beneficial sustainability outcomes.
  • Incorporate sustainability issues into the management of our existing buildings and instruct our property managers accordingly.

Industry Collaboration

We develop relationships across the industry to support collaboration and provide a platform for engagement with leading players in the industry. Find out more about Who We Work With