Share Knowledge

Our work focuses on sharing knowledge and disseminating information to improve our members understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities; stimulate and influence market transformation; and enable the wider commercial property sector to benefit from best-practice approaches and the lessons learnt by our members.  

Working Groups & Roundtables

We do this by holding regular Working Group meetings and ad hoc roundtable sessions across a range of issues drawn from our Priorities. These meetings stimulate discussion and allow members to share experiences, identify common sustainability challenges and new opportunities.

Case Studies

To share learnings from the approaches, challenges and achievements of our members with the wider industry, we develop case studies showcasing best-practice or innovative projects our members have undertaken. Read our case studies here


We publish blogs written by our members promoting innovation and thought leadership that contribute to market transformation, stimulating and influencing the wider commercial property sector, across the UK and globally, to follow these examples. Read our blogs here