CLS Holdings

CLS Holdings plc is a commercial property investment company with assets in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden, which has been listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange since 1994. CLS is a FTSE 250 property investment Company with a £1.3bn portfolio. The company’s core business is owning and managing high-yielding offices in good, non-prime locations close to major transportation links. We are an active company which reposition properties through lease restructuring, refurbishments and developments, working closely with our customers.

own over 5.4 million sq ft of office space

spent £1.6m on low-carbon projects in 2014

Target: reduce electricity & gas by 5%

"CLS has always taking a strategic and cultural commitment to being a leader in sustainability within the countries we operate in. Our aims are to be compliant with all legislation and deliver energy reduction programmes which achieve and/or exceed our corporate targets. CLS is proud to be part of the BBP and we hope to share and contribute to the development of best practise across the sector." Rowan Packer, Group Sustainability Manager