Brockton Everlast

Brockton Everlast is a London-based real estate investment and development firm with a focus on acquiring, developing and asset managing large scale buildings that provide some of the best and most sustainable workplaces across both the centre of London and its wider metro area. We also provide life science-focused laboratories and workplaces in the specialised, world-leading clusters of Cambridge and Oxford.

Our ESG commitments permeate through every asset that we own, how we manage both the overall portfolio and the firm, and how we deliver the most tangible ways to give back to the communities that we invest in. 

On every building that we acquire, develop and manage, we design and implement a strategy that addresses both the macro Sustainability issues (e.g. climate change mitigation and a commitment to net zero by 2030) and the micro Sustainability issues (e.g. providing for the needs of local people and implementing high quality placemaking in the neighbourhoods that we invest in).

In respect of the major new projects that we are delivering, we and our design teams are striving hard to meet and, where possible, exceed the sustainability targets set by leading industry bodies in order to create exemplar, 21st century workplaces. 


Targeting net zero carbon by 2030 across our entire portfolio and corporate activities

£7bn total portfolio size (including both historic and current-owned assets)

£2bn assets under management