At Bruntwood, we work to create thriving cities. 

Recognising the urgency of the climate crisis, and driven to create change from within the commercial property sector, we are committed to developing a sustainable and fair future for our communities by reinventing with the planet in mind.

By 2030, we’ll be operating at net zero carbon in the areas under our direct control and by 2050, we’ll be a fully net zero carbon business. 

But we know that it’s what we do now that really matters - and that’s how Bruntwood is different. As well as already being a zero-waste-to-landfill organisation and leading the way in sustainable developments and investments, we’ve put specific targets in place for emissions, energy, green spaces and biodiversity, sustainable materials, transportation, waste, and water.

In Didsbury, we’re building the UK’s lowest carbon new build workspace - Ev0. This fully electric building will have a unique, sustainably-sourced, timber frame that locks in high volumes of carbon. Smart technology inside the building will allow us to control the temperature and air quality, helping to reduce energy wastage - and customers will be able to track their energy usage.

We’re investing heavily in renewable energy and, in 2022, Bruntwood purchased an industry-first 42.4% share in Kirk Hill wind farm, based in Ayrshire, Scotland. That means that by spring 2024, we’ll be able to fulfil 80% of Bruntwood's current electricity demand through renewable energy - a huge milestone in achieving our net zero ambitions and supporting the industry's transition to sustainable energy.

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"We know that we can only fulfil our purpose of creating thriving cities if we can deliver sustainable and environmentally-conscious spaces that support the wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and communities. We remain committed to a net zero future, following our pathway to make the essential changes needed to ensure we're successful and allow our regions to reach their full potential."

Alex Edwards, Sustainability Director at Bruntwood

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