Cadogan is a family business which owns and manages a 94 acre portfolio of retail, residential and office assets in Chelsea and Knightsbridge. Stewardship and community are central to our approach – with a long-term commitment comes a responsibility to ensure we are making a positive contribution towards a sustainable environment, protecting the area’s unique heritage and supporting a thriving community. 
‘Chelsea 2030’ is Cadogan’s commitment to improving local quality of life and creating a more sustainable city – and includes targets on net zero emissions, air quality, greening, waste reduction, water use and wellbeing.

Key Facts:

  • 10% absolute carbon saving between 2019-2022, targeting net zero by 2030
  • Support 14,800 jobs locally – equivalent to nearly 20% of RBKC’s workforce
  • Extensive greening of Sloane Street transforming the street by end of 2024


“Stewardship has been central to Cadogan’s approach for generations, and our approach will continue to evolve to reduce our impacts on the planet and contribute positively to our community. We are pleased to be part of the Better Buildings Partnership, to share best practice and collaborate across the industry to create a more sustainable built environment.”

Kate Neale, Head of Sustainability, Cadogan

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