Capital & Regional

The success of our business stems from our ability to create retail and leisure offerings that are tailored to the needs of their local communities and provide value-orientated goods and services. With a portfolio of shopping centres, Snozone leisure venues, our assets benefit from an integrated ESG strategy that allows them to customise their approach based on the individual needs of the asset type, location, and stakeholders. 

Key Facts:

  •  c.£300,000 invested into local communities 
  • 48% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 emissions since 2019 
  • £865,000 capital invested by Snozone in carbon reduction initiatives. 
  • 559 hours spent with local BIDs. 
  • Zero waste to landfill achieved in shopping centres since 2018. 
  • 187 charities supported across the business. 

“Developing our pathway to net zero carbon is a significant milestone for Capital & Regional and one I am personally incredibly proud of. Sustainability is a core value of our business, and we have been working hard to galvanise our teams to fully embed sustainability into everything we do. Setting a commitment to achieve net zero by 2040 for our shopping centres will dramatically change how we operate, so we need everyone on board. I can already see a growing enthusiasm as we embark on this stage of our sustainability journey.” 

Sara Jennings, Director or Operations and Guest Experience

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