Capital & Regional

Capital & Regional is the leading community shopping centre owner in the UK. We operate vibrant and welcoming shopping environments that are the focal point for their local area. By reducing the impact we have on the environment, concentrating on our employees and serving our stakeholders and the communities around us we contribute to our most important responsibility - building a stronger and more successful Capital & Regional.

We have a practical, applied and engaged approach to responsible business; it is part of what we do every day, not an exercise in compliance.

It is the engagement with BBP that allows a sharing and engagement with other property owners to the benefit of all.

£270,000 raised for local charities

5% reduction in water use in 2012

4,600 tonnes of carbon saved from 2008 to 2012

"Capital & Regional views membership of BBP as an essential interaction between property owners that helps to assist us reduce our impact on the environment, realise our issues and challenges are all common and allows us concentrate on what actually makes a difference." Stuart Laidlaw, National Technical Manager