Hammerson Wins Bid for DECC Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot


Hammerson is the first property owner, and BBP member, to win Electricity Demand Reduction funding in the first phase of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)’s pilot project.

Organisations that registered for the first phase of the scheme, and whose projects qualified, were invited to take part in a competitive auction. Participants bid kW savings from their projects into the auction and the winning bids were those that represented best value for money (i.e. the lowest price for each kW offered).

  • Auction funding was offered to 18 organisations with 22 individual projects across Great Britain;
  • 5589 kW of winter peak capacity cleared the auction;
  • £1.28 million was allocated in the auction;
  • The weighted average price bid in the auction is £229/kW.

Hammerson has committed to carrying out lighting replacement schemes throughout 2015/2016 across three major shopping centres – Bullring Birmingham, Centrale Croydon and Brent Cross London. Provided Hammerson can prove savings of 823kW during the winter peak period, DECC will award £123,450 towards the cost of the improvements.

Other winning bids include Tata Steel UK, Dixons and Network Rail amongst others, with lighting schemes featuring highly.

The projects submitted by Hammerson offer the greatest saving seen across all winning bids - 823 kWh.


Read more about the EDR pilot here.