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IM Properties PLC is one of the UKs largest privately-owned property companies with a commitment to be innovative in creating sustainable developments, fit for the future. IM Properties have developed over 10m sq ft of commercial real estate, becoming renowned in the industry for the consistent delivery of strategically located, award-winning schemes and the business has grown to incorporate a significant real estate portfolio.

IM Properties has launched ‘Sustainable Futures’ its sustainability framework, which details the companies long-term sustainability vision and the actions that the business will take over the next 10 years and beyond to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of how they work. The framework sets out key ambitions and targets centered around three key themes of People, Planet and Place.

Key Facts

  • PEOPLE: Enabling and inspiring sustainable behaviours
  • PLACE: Creating positive change in communities
  • PLANET: Delivering developments that are fit for the future

Working alongside stakeholders and its supply chain, IM Properties three key priority areas are at the heart of all decision making, to create a positive impact beyond the boundaries of its schemes to deliver both social and economic value to the communities it partners with.

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"BBP provides a centre of excellence and invaluable resource for navigating the best route forward for existing and future investment stock as IM Properties work towards becoming a net zero business.

 We’re acutely aware of the real difference we can make through choosing more sustainable options for the asset management of our commercial buildings, however understanding, and arriving at the correct framework can be challenging.

Through BBP’s sharing of knowledge & innovations and guidance on best practice across the industry, we can ensure we make the decisions that are right for the business and the planet now, and in the future.”

John Hammond, investment director at IM Properties

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