Invesco Real Estate (IRE) is a global real estate investment manager with $82.8 billion of AUM, investing in direct property, real estate debt and publicly traded real estate securities. IRE benefits from the support of its parent company, Invesco Ltd, a publicly-listed, leading investment manager with over c.$1.3 trillion in AUM, dedicated to helping investors worldwide achieve their financial objectives.

IRE offers a range of investment strategies for institutional and non-institutional investors. The choice of strategy and investment vehicle depends on our client’s objectives, risk appetite and capital available for investment. Such solutions include pooled funds, separate accounts and listed real estate investments, across a range of domestic and international strategies. Our strategies invest in the main commercial sectors including multi-family/residential as well as alternative and speciality sectors such as hotels, data centres and life science centres, and across the major global real estate markets.

IRE is proud to be a sustainable investment manager. Sustainability is not a badge-wearing exercise for us; rather:

  • We have a global sustainability policy and share best practice across our business, working closely with regional stakeholders to deliver on this global plan
  • Our sustainability philosophy adopts a holistic approach – focusing on the full spectrum of E, S and G, as well as R (resilience) and encourages what we call “authentic” ESG+R integration 
  • We believe that incorporating ESG+R practices into our investment activities can positively impact the value we provide to clients – and help ensure a sustainable environment for future generations

Key Facts

  • Invesco Ltd. has received an A+ rating in Strategy & Governance and an A rating in Direct Property in the latest Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assessment.
  • Approximately 60% of IRE's global AUM, within commingled funds and separate account portfolio, are submitted to the annual GRESB assessment. Of these, over 90% have achieve 4 and 5 Green Star ratings. 
  • A 3% annual reduction in energy and emissions by 2030 from a 2018 baseline; Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050; 1% annual reduction in water consumption; and a 1% annual increase in the waste diversion rate.

“At Invesco Real Estate we recognise that there are environmental, social, economic and resilience implications to all the decisions we make as an investment manager. We therefore assess risks and opportunities for all of our assets across ESG+R, from the implementation of our  ESG+R Due Diligence checklist during acquisition phase through to remaining focused on the financial implications of our decisions and on our environmental and social impact during the life-cycle of an asset. ESG+R is at the heart of our day-to-day thinking at IRE.” 

Anna Duchnowska, Managing Director, Head of European Asset Management at Invesco Real Estate

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