Land Securities Wins Two Considerate Constructors Awards


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Land Securities has won two awards at the Considerate Constructors Scheme 2015 National Site Awards; one for its Nova and one for its One New Street Square development site.  

Mace and Skansa respectively were the principal construction partners involved in the projects and worked with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) to ensure that the sites were top quality in terms of their environmental performance and engagement with the local community.  

The Nova site was highly commended for its community engagement and quality of site facilities with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) commenting: “The Community engagement was wide-ranging, with numerous events staged and charity fundraising enthusiastically undertaken. School and college involvement was particularly strong with many apprenticeships and work placements taken up. There was a strong emphasis on environmental issues, with waste fully recycled or re-used, and recycling performance clearly displayed to the public.” 

“Site facilities were both outstanding, and well used, including alternative healthy eating options and numerous examples of workforce care. These included anti-bullying, training and development, and health awareness. The Scheme Monitor noted an all-round exemplary performance and a site that is of enormous credit to the industry.” 

CCS praised One New Street Square for the following: “This site has shown the highest levels of consideration towards the public, its workforce and the environment through adhering to the Scheme’s five-point Code of Considerate Practice: Care about Appearance, Respect the Community, Protect the Environment, Secure everyone’s Safety, Value their Workforce” 

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