SEGRO is a UK Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”), and a leading owner, asset manager and developer of modern warehousing and light industrial property. It owns or manages 5.7 million square metres of space in £6.0 billion of assets (SEGRO share: £4.8 billion), serving 1,200 customers from a wide range of industry sectors. Its properties are located around major conurbations and at key transportation hubs across eight European countries, but principally in the UK, Germany, France and Poland.

Corporate social responsibility is fully integrated into all aspects of our operations. We focus on sustainability through investing in a variety of projects aimed at delivering our SEGRO 2020 sustainability strategy, including renewable energy, energy efficient design, and waste reuse and recycling, building certifications, and operational water and energy efficiency.

54,000 square feet of space

41% decrease in water intensity from 2013 to 2014

92% reuse or recycle rate for excavation waste in 2014

“Being active members within the BBP enables us to further our own sustainability aims and objectives, and to influence the industry’s progress in key areas, particularly in this time of increasing legislation and customer demand for sustainable buildings. At SEGRO we are making sustainability a core part of our operation, and see it as a tool which can be used to improve environmental performance, customer relationships, and the wellbeing of the wider community.” Terry Clarke, Group Sustainability Manager