SEGRO is a leading owner, manager and developer of modern warehouses and industrial property. Its properties are located in and around major cities and at key transportation hubs in the UK and in seven other European countries, serving customers from a wide range of industry sectors.

For over 100 years SEGRO has been creating the space that enables extraordinary things to happen. From modern big box warehouses, used primarily for regional, national and international distribution hubs, to urban warehousing located close to major population centres and business districts, it provides high-quality assets that allow its customers to thrive.

A commitment to be a force for societal and environmental good is integral to SEGRO’s purpose and strategy. Its Responsible SEGRO framework focuses on three long-term priorities where the company believes it can make the greatest impact: Championing Low-Carbon Growth, Investing in Local Communities and Environments and Nurturing Talent

Key Facts

  • Thanks to our carbon reduction and avoidance we save 17,000 hot air balloons of carbon every year
  • In 2020, 3.5m sq m of our floorspace was environmentally certified
  • Our target is to send zero waste to landfill by 2025

Championing Low-Carbon Growth

SEGRO recognises that the world faces a climate emergency and is committed to playing a part in tackling climate change, by limiting global temperature rise to less than 1.5 degrees, in tandem with growth in business and the wider economy.

SEGRO will be net-zero carbon by 2030 and will aim to reduce carbon emissions from its development activity and the operation of its existing buildings, and eliminate them where possible.

SEGRO will research and implement innovative approaches to absorb or offset residual carbon.

Investing in Local Communities and Environments

SEGRO is an integral part of the communities in which it operates, and is committed to contributing to their long-term vitality. 

The developer will create and implement Community Investment Plans for every key market in its portfolio by 2025. SEGRO will work with its customers and suppliers to support its local businesses and economies. 

SEGRO will help improve the skills of local people to enhance their career and employment opportunities, by investing in local training programmes. Equally, the company will enhance the spaces around its buildings, working with local partners to ensure the needs of its communities are met.

Nurturing Talent

SEGRO’s people are vital to and inseparable from its success, and is committed to attracting, enhancing and retaining a diverse range of talented individuals in the business. 

SEGRO will increase the overall diversity of its own workforce throughout the organisation, providing a healthy and supportive working environment, developing fulfilling, and rewarding careers, fostering an inclusive culture and building a more diverse workforce.

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“SEGRO recognises that our planet is facing a climate emergency, and we are committed to playing our part in tackling climate change. Being active members within the BBP enables us to further our own sustainability aims and objectives, and to influence the industry’s progress in key areas. We are making sustainability a core part of our operation and see it as a tool which can be used to improve environmental performance, customer relationships, and the wellbeing of the wider community.”

Gabriella Zepf, Director of Sustainability, Group Operations, SEGRO

Access the Responsible SEGRO Framework document here.

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