Waste-to-Energy and Intelligent Energy Monitoring Technologies to Pilot Their Innovations at Canary Wharf


Two smart cities innovators, Demand Logic and SEaB Energy, have been selected to pilot their technologies at Canary Wharf after winning the second phase of the Cognicity Challenge. 

Cognicity is a smart cities accelerator programme designed and delivered by ENTIQ for Canary Wharf Group (CWG). It was established to discover and support the development of future technologies with positive economic, social and environmental impacts. 

Demand Logic helps businesses to reduce their electricity usage by intelligently monitoring and controlling non-essential electrical outputs, saving money and emissions in the process. Read more about them here

SEaB Energy is a containerised, waste-to-energy technology that eliminates the need to transport food waste to distant processing plants by converting it into water and green power onsite. Read more about them here.

Both companies have been awarded a £50,000 prize alongside the opportunity to implement their technology at Canary Wharf. Through Cognicity, CWG is facilitating new types of interaction between developers, large technology firms and startups. The programme also aims to demonstrate how multiple solutions can work together successfully through the use of Big Data and the Internet of Things. 

SEaB Energy and Demand Logic won the third and fourth streams of the Cognicity Challenge called ‘Integrated Resource Management’ and ‘Automated Building Management’. The winners were announced at a Showcase Event held at Level39, Europe’s largest accelerator space for fintech, retail, cyber security and smart cities technologies. Together with ten other entrants, the companies pitched their innovations to an audience of smart city leaders, mentors and stakeholders, including Cognicity’s sponsor Intel. 

Read more about this news on the Canary Wharf website here