2015 Launched With Two New BBP Members: SEGRO & Shaftesbury


The new year started well for the BBP which gained two new members; SEGRO and Shaftesbury. 


Shaftesbury is a Real Estate Investment Trust, which owns a real estate portfolio extending to 14 acres in the heart of London's West End - a highly popular and prosperous destination for visitors and businesses. Their holdings are concentrated in Carnaby, Covent Garden, Chinatown, Soho and Charlotte Street, and extend to over 580 mixed-use buildings all of which are within Conservation Areas and some 20% are listed. The average age of their properties is estimated to be around 150 years. 72% of Shaftesbury's commercial portfolio is retail; restaurants, shops, cafes and bars. The upper floors of their buildings are a mix of offices and apartments.  

The focus of their sustainability strategy is to extend the useful lives of their buildings and, in doing so, preserve and enhance the heritage of London’s West End. They aim to create environments which are both environmentally and economically sustainable, and ensure their buildings can adapt to meet the requirements of today’s occupiers. You can read more about Shaftesbury's sustainability strategy here.  


SEGRO is a leading owner, asset manager and developer of modern warehousing, light industrial and data centre properties, principally concentrated in London's Western Corridor (including the Thames Valley) and in key conurbations in France, Germany and Poland. 

They are particularly focused on energy efficiency within their portfolio. They aim to increase their renewable energy capacity in order to reduce their CO2 output, and to support their customers in achieving their own environmental targets. SEGRO is also particularly involved in charity work. You can read more about SEGRO's sustainability strategy here

These two new members brings the BBP membership up from 24 to 26 members.