BBP Impact Report 2015/16


The inauguaral BBP Impact Report report details our progress towards meeting the organisation's objectives of knowledge sharing, leadership, innovation, influence and collaboration. 

Some of the key highlights in 2015/16 include: 

  • More than 800 hours contributed by members, and 300 hours by external attendees to BBP meetings and roundtables, sharing knowledge and experiences of implementing sustainability. 
  • The launch of a new website with an average of 6,000 views a month. 
  • The publication of 25 practical case studies on a wide breadth of topics, gathering more than 5,000 views in total. 
  • The successful establishment of the Managing Agents Partnership, bringing together 10 of the biggest property management companies in the UK with over 29,000 assets under management in the UK. 
  • Support for the innovative Design for Performance project to develop a market based mechanism to address the ‘performance gap’.  
  • Publication of an ‘Industry Insight' outlining the impact of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for commercial real estate lending.  
  • The launch of the BBP member commitment, with all members becoming signatories. 
  • Collaboration with over 50 different organisations to galvanise industry expertise and support other initiatives.