British Land

British Land is a property company which creates, owns and manages some of the UK’s best and most sustainable real estate. Our properties include world-class office space and retail property, with a growing focus on London urban logistics and life sciences & innovation. Our purpose is to create and manage outstanding places which deliver positive outcomes for all our stakeholders on a long term, sustainable basis. We call this purpose Places People Prefer.
Sustainability is embedded throughout our business. Our approach is focused on three key pillars where British Land can create the most benefit: Greener Spaces, making our whole portfolio net zero carbon by 2030, Thriving Places, making a long-lasting, positive social impact in our communities, and Responsible Choices, advocating responsible business practices across British Land and throughout our supply chain, and maintaining robust governance structures.
 Key facts:

  • £12.9bn under management (as at 31 March 2023)
  • £25m Social Impact Fund to be deployed by 2030, including £10m of affordable space 
  • 11% Reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions in 2023 vs 2020 

Recent publications:

“Our 2030 Sustainability Strategy which incorporates Greener Spaces, Thriving Places and Responsible Choices is embedded throughout British Land. Whilst ultimate responsibility for the strategy sits at Board Level, everyone across the Company supports its delivery. We develop and manage places with leading sustainability credentials and create long-lasting positive social impact in our communities by collaboratively addressing local priorities.”

David Walker, COO and Chair of the Sustainability Committee

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