Great Portland Estates plc Updates Sustainable Development Brief


Sustainable buildings are more attractive to occupiers, cost less to run and are less likely to become obsolete, enhancing the long-term value of our property portfolio.

To build resilient buildings we must reduce the resources used and carbon emitted, both during the development process and when in use by occupiers. To be attractive to occupiers, Great Portland Estates plc ensure wellbeing and improvements to the public realm are considered early in their designs.

In London, local authorities are including ambitious sustainability measures in their planning strategies. Great Portland Estates plc welcomes this approach and seeks to exceed current regulatory requirements, using BREEAM and SKA to help them achieve high standards of sustainable design.

Great Portlnd Estates plc Sustainable Development Brief sets out its aspirations for each step of the design process in respect of energy, water, waste, materials sourcing, transport, ecology, occupiers, community, emissions, wellbeing and supply chain. Their Sustainability Tracker helps them monitor progress against the brief throughout the development.