Our focus is on creating great places where communities, business and nature thrive.

We are experts in developing and managing neighbourhoods with long experience of pioneering change acquired over more than 340 years. 

And, as a people and planet positive business we look long-term, shaping places that will be better for the next century, not just this one by giving equal weight to the social, commercial and environmental impact of everything we do.

Our heartland is in London’s West End, where we support nearly 1,000 businesses and thousands of residents, workers and visitors each day.  We also invest in new neighbourhoods in Liverpool and across England.  


Our performance  – Our Annual Review - explaining how we're delivering sustainable growth in pursuit of positive change and lasting benefit across our international activities that is good for both people and the planet

Heritage and carbon – Our Heritage and Carbon report – Addressing five core issues have to be addressed in Heritage buildings’ ability to play a leading role in the fight against climate change:  policy, guidance, cost, supply chain skills and capacity in local government. 

“For over 300 years we’ve been pioneering change and new ways of thinking about property in the UK. Today we’re focussed on redefining the relationship between landlords, tenants and communities, based on a model of mutual success, and putting the environment at the heart of every decision we make. This way we can ensure our places are fit for the future."

James Raynor, CEO, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

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