Helical is a property investment and development company with a London portfolio of multi-let office buildings with core holdings in the tech belt area. Helical is listed on the London Stock Exchange and at 31 March 2023 has c £840m of assets amounting to 877,735 sq.ft of real estate. Helical look to acquire new opportunities through repositioning, refurbishing or redeveloping existing buildings or sites with the aim to deliver market-leading returns by developing sustainable, design led properties, incorporating state of the art technologies with occupier health and wellbeing at their core. More recently, Helical has been selected by Transport for London to be the joint venture partner to develop three over station sites, with all sites being delivered at net zero carbon. 

In June 2020, Helical launched their sustainability strategy “Built for the Future”. This strategy set out the Company’s long-term vision encompassing “Our Environment, Our Communities and Our People” and supports the business in becoming truly sustainable. The strategy identifies six key priorities which drive their long-term vision for sustainability:

  • Net zero carbon by 2030
  • Buy, use and re-use resources efficiently
  • Bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the areas in which it operates
  • Design and operate its buildings to support health and wellbeing
  • Attract and retain the best people; and
  • Maintain strong relationships with our business partners.
  • In support of their sustainability strategy, in May 2022, Helical published their Net Zero Carbon Pathway, committing to be a net zero carbon business by 2030 and also becoming a signatory to the BBP Climate Commitment. 

Key Facts

  • Achieved the UK's first BREEAM "Outstanding" rating for The JJ Mack Building under the BREEAM 2018 Guidelines
  • 100% of external finance is either via a Green Loan or Sustainability Linked Loan
  • Deliver all future developments as net zero carbon 

"Sustainability underpins all our activities at Helical and plays a key role in our overall business strategy. By ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of our business decisions we are ensuring our portfolio is futureproofed for all our stakeholders."

Matthew Bonning-Snook, Chair of the Sustainability Committee

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