Frasers Property UK

Frasers Property is a multi-national company with a diverse portfolio of properties that it develops, manages and owns. Frasers Property UK (FPUK) has over £1.1bn worth of AUM, across approximately 400 buildings. The wider Frasers Property Group is headquartered in Singapore and has a multi-national scope. Frasers Property Australia is a member of the Australian BBP chapter.

FPUK has developed seven ambitious sustainability targets:

  1. Achieve net zero carbon in all landlord controlled areas by 2030
  2. Achieve 5 Star GRESB rating by 2024
  3. Develop a health and wellbeing framework and delivery plan for all existing and new developments and implement from June 2020
  4. Develop and implement a responsible sourcing policy by end of 2020
  5. Launch a waste policy by end of 2020
  6. Provide sustainability training for all staff by end of 2020
  7. Complete climate risk assessments and commence implementation of asset-level adaptation and mitigation plans by end of 2024