Rating and certifications are a central part of responsible property management.  A range of ratings and certification schemes are available to evaluate and benchmark the environmental, health and well-being attributes of a building. 

Managing ratings and certifications involves understanding existing and proposed schemes relating to a property, and the actions required to maintain, improve or attain these.  It is also important to consider the potential impact of property management regimes. 

Download checklist: ‘Ratings and Certifications


Review re-certification requirements


Information relating to environmental ratings and certifications should be included in a property’s asset register.  This information should be reviewed by asset and property managers as part of wider, periodic management reviews. 

Support assessment processes


Asset, property and facilities managers should agree roles and responsibilities for new and on-going ratings and certifications.  This should include a review of changes to ongoing scheme requirements. 

Responsibilities will vary by property and certification scheme.  For example, property managers may lead the certification process for BREEAM In-Use, while they may play a support role to asset managers by collecting data for Energy Performance Certificates. 

Consider property management impacts


Asset, property and facilities managers should consider the way in which different property management regimes may affect different rating and certification schemes.  For example, in instances where a building has been acquired, various information may be required by an assessor for certain schemes, such as records of maintenance and description of the BMS.