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The Better Buildings Partnership regularly publishes blog pieces, news articles, toolkits and case studies that highlight the latest sustainability developments in the UK commercial real estate industry. The resources can be filtered hereunder by topic, type and member.

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  • Going Green with the Commercial Lease

    01 April 2016

    Researchers from Oxford, Reading and Sydney Universities examined five case studies in the UK and Australia, where green leases were first introduced in 2006, to understand how green leases are applied in offices and stores. Their paper published in the journal, Building Research and Information, finds that green leases provide a valuable framework for improving levels of cooperation between tenants and landlords which can include sharing energy data, targets for improvement, and in very rare cases, costs for building upgrades.

    Topic: Green Lease

    Type: News

  • Webinar on Green Leases

    16 September 2015

    Understand the challenges and benefits of implementing a green lease or MOU and how they can be used as a tool to facilitate collaboration between owners and occupiers on sustainability. Learners will hear about the BBP Green Lease Toolkit and how this can guide owners and occupiers through the process of collaboration and how they can follow up with action.

    Topic: Green Lease

    Type: Events

  • Green Lease Toolkit

    01 August 2013

    A toolkit for green leases to enable owners and occupiers to work together to reduce the environmental impact of their properties.

    Topic: Green Lease

    Type: Toolkits