BBP Directors' Dinner on Climate Change


On Wednesday, 27th March the BBP welcomed members to a unique event to hear insights from Professor Chris Rapley CBE on the urgency for action on climate change and discuss the role for real estate owners in providing leadership within the sector. 

The dinner, attended by 18 CEOs, CIOs and Directors from the BBP membership representing over £220bn AUM in the UK, was convened by David Atkins (CEO, Hammerson) and Alan Tripp (Head of UK Business LaSalle). Professor Chris Rapley of University College London spoke on climate science, providing a valuable update on risks posed by cliamte change to real estate and infrastructure assets. This highlighted the urgent action required to mitigate climate change and to adapt to the impacts already being seen.  His presentation is available below. 


In discussion following this keynote speech, major property owners made clear their willingness to work collectively to accelerate progress in de-carbonising the UK’s built environment and deliver on the ultimate goal of zero carbon buildings. Further details of the discussion can be found below.