Great Portland Estates’ publishes 2018 sustainability report Creating Sustainable Places


The purpose of this report is to provide data for all properties within the Great Portland Estates plc property investment portfolio (including joint venture properties for which we retain operational control) and reporting for head office operations.

This report provides detailed performance data aligned with EPRA Best Practice Recommendations on Sustainability Reporting which were expanded to include more social and governance factors. The report has therefore been extended to include these indices.

Great Portland Estates monitor energy and water consumption at managed buildings as well as waste produced and its disposal route. By monitoring energy and water usage, they are able to identify opportunities to make savings, reducing operational costs for their occupiers and mitigating their impact on the environment.

Great Portland Estates provide consumption information to occupiers at Environmental Working Groups and tenant meetings. These meetings help identify opportunities to work together to reduce the impact on the environment and inform occupiers of the company’s sustainability policies.