LaSalle Investment Management

LaSalle Investment Management is one of the world’s leading real estate investment managers. With over 160 people in our UK business, we manage over £11 billion of private and public property equity investments. Our diverse client base includes public and private pensions funds, insurance companies, governments, endowments and private individuals. We only invest in real estate, combining our property knowledge with a disciplined investment management approach.

LaSalle Investment Management is committed to playing a role in addressing global environmental challenges through the investments we make on behalf of our clients, as well as our day-to-day operations. Understanding the environmental, social and economic complexities of responsible investment enhances our ability to evaluate investments, promote best practices in the management of properties and portfolios, and ultimately deliver superior performance to our clients.
At a global level, we are signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment and in the UK we have been members of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) since 2013. The former of these ensures that we respond to recognised sustainable investment principles, and the latter supports the practical implementation of sustainability across the portfolio. We are committed to collaborating with others to promote better sustainable practices within the real estate industry.

LaSalle’s global sustainability objectives provide a foundation for the work undertaken during the year. More locally, we launched our European Sustainability Strategy in late 2014, which provides us with a consistent understanding and approach to integrating sustainability across our European and UK businesses and embeds the global sustainability objectives into a regional context. The strategy provides us with a vision and targets for the next 3 years and ensures that our commitment to sustainability remains integral to our business activities. We have set targets covering our investment processes; risk management; environmental performance; stakeholders engagement; and our own business operations.

Success is most strongly demonstrated through the performance of the portfolio and we have seen huge successes from our Energy Reduction Programme, which results in lower energy consumption and costs for our tenants. We are now in the third year of the programme, are running it across 60 assets and continue to see huge reductions each year. Our Shopping Centres also regularly engage in some excellent community initiatives which support local charities, communities and businesses and have achieved industry recognition, including Green Apple Awards.

Key Facts

  • The energy reduction programme set up saved £1 million in energy bills
  • Reduced electricity consumption in offices by 6.2% between 2013 and 2014
  • Supported local communities, charities and retail management apprentices

 “We are constantly striving to maximise the performance of our investments and minimise risk. This is as relevant to sustainability as it is to any other part of our business and our approach is to integrate the management of sustainability into our existing processes. We are driven by our client’s requirements, tenant satisfaction, regulation and opportunities to use superior skills and knowledge to enhance performance and our membership of the Better Buildings Partnership is crucial to being able to satisfy all of these drivers effectively."

Alan Tripp, Managing Director, LaSalle Investment Management UK

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