Managing Agents Sustainability Toolkit


Managing Agents have a key role to play in improving the environmental performance of the commercial property sector. The policies adopted by the Managing Agent for a building can have a dramatic effect on its environmental impact, as well as the drive to reduce COemissions across the sector. They are often the conduit linking owners and occupiers and are ideally placed to appreciate and promote the environmental aspirations of both parties and facilitate cooperation.

This role has not traditionally been part of their remit, however in light of the increasing amount of environmental legislation and growing importance of sustainability and CSR reporting, it is becoming ever more important for their clients. Commercial property owners are recognising more and more the importance of ensuring that their properties are managed in a way which takes account of a full range of sustainability issues. At the same time, Managing Agents appreciate that this is a key service they can provide, both to owners and occupiers.

To support Managing Agents develop their roll in delivering sustainably managed buildings, the BBP has produced its ‘Managing Agents Sustainability Toolkit’ which sets out a full range of sustainability services which an owner should consider requiring its Managing Agent to provide. Topics include energy, water, waste, transport and sharing initiatives. It also provides detailed guidance notes for Managing Agents on each of these topics, outlining how best to meet such requirements.

It is hoped that this Toolkit is widely used as a practical reference guide to stimulate change in how Agents manage properties on behalf of their clients.