Managing Agents Partnership

The BBP Managing Agents Partnership is a collaboration of the UK’s leading property managers who are committed to improve the sustainable management of the commercial property sector.

Established in June 2015 the Partnership provides a platform for Managing Agents to support each other by sharing practical information, improving understanding of common challenges and discussing how best to deliver their clients’ sustainability requirements. In doing so, it is hoped that the Partnership will also drive improved understanding/performance of the subject area across the wider Managing Agent community.

Our Work

The Managing Agents Partnership focuses on the following work streams:​

1. Property Management Standards

  • The partnership has published Integrating Sustainability into Property Management Services: Core Provisions.
  • Working in collaboration with the members of the BBP, to update the BBP Managing Agents Sustainability Toolkit, which will be renamed the Responsible Property Management Toolkit. This will provide guidance on the integration of sustainability  within property management for Managing Agents and property owners with in-house property management teams.

2. Waste Management

  • Identifying the common challenges associated with the procurement of waste management services and reporting waste management data, as well as identify the opportunities for improvement that exist for the industry.

Other areas of focus include sharing and understanding opportunities to improve the sustainability of property managers supply chains and training opportunities for managing agents.  

The Managing Agents Partnership is open to all those who provide property management services in commercial property and if you are interested in participating please contact us.