Managing Agents Partnership

Managing Agents Partnership

The Managing Agents Partnership (MAP) is a collaboration of the UK’s leading property managers who are committed to improving the sustainable management of commercial real estate. 

The MAP is currently comprised of ten members who manage over 29,000 commercial properties across the UK. The group hosts roundtables on various topics concerned with the sustainability of property management services, and also creates outputs which articulates guidance on these issues.

The aim of the group is to provide greater clarity, transparency and standardisation around the sustainability services that managing agents should provide. In doing so, it is acknowledged that specific skills, knowledge and resources are required to effectively manage the risks and realise the opportunities around delivering sustainability.

Members of the Managing Agents Partnership are committed to:

  • Having a high-level commitment regarding the integration of sustainability into our property management practices.
  • Supporting the implementation of the Partnership’s Mission Statement through the active participation in meetings and contribution to the development of its Work Programme
  • Promoting and championing the solutions developed by the Forum as best practice and implement them where feasible within our management practices.
  • Pro-actively supporting and promoting the overall aims and objectives of the BBP

The following companies are members of the Managing Agents Partnership:

To learn more about the Managing Agents Partnership, visit the MAP website.