Measuring & Reporting

Measuring and Reporting is one of our most important areas of work. We believe that assessing the environmental performance of an asset is fundamental to understanding investment risks and opportunities. It enables property owners to identify poorly performing assets or funds and to use this data to identify opportunities for improvement or innovation.

In order to measure and analyse performance data effectively, it is essential to have accurate data gathering tools and robust benchmarks that enable property owners to compare assets, set targets and report on progress. The lack of accurate data, consistent industry performance indicators and benchmarks has proven to be a key barrier to progress in this area, most significantly in relation to the operational performance of buildings ‘in-use’.

Our Work

The BBP has been instrumental in tackling these challenges. In collaboration with our members and leading industry experts, we have developed practical tools and guidance to move the industry forward:

We also continue to review and promote wider industry reporting frameworks and benchmarks with our members and provide constructive feedback where appropriate.